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12/10/2005 - A comment from Geneve

September 2005

I have really enjoyed my 10 days here at the school. Francesca's  teaching of grammar, " the listening" dictation, canzoni and exercises were all fun to do ( yes, even da-di.x- per.....)Ifeel  that my basic Italian has improved tremendously. It gives me a base so I can go back home and converse with condidence.

Joe's cooking was great and I will be checking the web-site to get the recipes that I did not write down. Sorry if I consumed too much red wine, but it did help with the singing. The trips to Rome and other historic sites were very interesting and mostly not the places you would normally visit as a tourist. I learnt a lot about Italy, its regions, foodand culture. Anche molte grazie ai genitori di Francesca, specialmente per la grappa!!!! Spero di tornare un giorno!!! Many thanks to the team of Francesca and Joe supported by Schwarz and the cats. And before I forget. We had a great team with the other students, especially the singing after  dinner. Alla prossima!!!!! John  - Geneva.- Switzerland

ps AY,AY,AY, AY.SI-SI senora, my sister Belinda p.......... out of the window, all over my brand new sombrero!!!!