Frequently Asked Questions

1) I am planning to join your School during my holiday in Italy. Is it possible to be picked up from Termini station or from my hotel in Rome?

a) We will pick you up either at Ciampino or Fiumicino Airport. If you are in Rome you could reach Ciampino airport from Termini Station using a Terravision coach. The journey from Termini to Ciampino airport by coach is a 30 minutes journey and the fare is reasonable

2)Would I be able to join a course if I am disable or I have serious walking problems?

Unfortunately our house and surrounding are not suitable to a wheelchair user and as most excursions involve a lot of walking we recommend you, please,to let us know in  advance if you have walking  problems so that  we will suggest you a possible and suitable course.


2a)I would like to know about the Villa and what kind of things do I have to prepare before departure?

a) The Villa has a beautiful garden and magnolias. Rooms are spacious.( both single and double) with shared facilities. All students arriving on their own will have a single room while those arriving with their partner can have a double room. You will be provided with towels, bathrobe and free toiletries( toothpaste, shower gel, soap, shampoo) both in the Villa and in the Bed and Breakfast. You can use( free of charge) also the hair dryer and the washing machine. If you wish to make telephone calls you will be able to buy a special card at the tobacconist in Italy and use our phone.

3) What sort of clothes will I need to bring?

We recommend comfortable clothes and shoes, a heavy sweater at any season and a waterproof jacket.

4) What is the weather like during seasons?

a) Spring and autumn are very mild (20 -24 degrees during daytime). In summer the temperature is usually 15-20 degrees in the evening (you might need a jumper), but daytime temperature in July - August is 30-35 degrees . Light and comfortable clothes are recommended in summer. A waterproof jacket is also suggested at any time.

5) Could you organize one to one Homestay courses?

a) Yes of course . We can organize one to one courses in any period of the year if we are told in advanced

6) Please let me know the timetable of a day

a) Lessons will be normally in the morning for four hours ( with a coffee break) daily except for the days spent in Rome.Breakfast is served at 9am. Lunch is generally at 2 pm followed by a free time up to 4 or 5 pm. Excursions to Roma will take place for two whole days while excursions in the surrounding areas will be in the afternoon ( from 4pm to 9pm max ).Dinner will be at 8.30 -9pm. Activities of different kind will finish after dinner.

7) I would like to know more about meals and excursions?

a) Breakfast is continental and includes a selection of cereals, yogurt, biscuits, marmalade, fresh fruit etc. Tea, coffee , fruit juice and caffelatte are also available. Breakfast is served at 9. Lunch at 2pm is traditional homemade Italian food and includes 3 courses( with drinks and espresso coffee included). Dinner is served at 8.30/ 9pm. All meals will be homemade except for 1 light restaurant meal included in the price of a 10  days course

Excursions will be guided by  any of us and entrance to museums ( chosen by us)is generally included in the price. Snacks and drinks at the bar during our excursions are not included.

8) If I cannot stay the whole of the course would there be a discount?

a) Yes a discount would be given as staying can be flexible and the school courses( also private and for business) can be organized all year around for 5, 7, 10 , 12 or 14 days maximum

9) If I need stationery can I buy it near the school?

A) Most of you material and stationery will be provided by our school. Velletri is a town with 60000 inhabitants and many shops where you will be able to buy anything you might need during your stay.

10) Could I stay there with my family and friends?

a) Of course . We will be able  to organise a tailored course if asked in advance

11) How far is the countryside from the countryside? 25 miles away . You can reach the city center in 45 minutes only by train. From Termini Station it takes only 5 minutes walking to the Colosseo, il Forum, l'Altare della Patria

12) Are teaching materials included in the course price?

a) We will provide photocopies, where necessary, but  not books. You will be able to borrow any books and dictionary during your staying but please do not forget to leave them with us once the course is over

13) Can I use my computer and have Wi - fi  connection?

Yes,  we have a wifi hot spot and you will be able to use your pc, mobile phone etc at our placebut only to check your emails or for looking at Internet

14) Are your courses strictly for a minimum of 5 days and for a maximum of 14 days?

a) We would be happy to organize Intensive day courses  or 2 days courses during weekends We are generally unable to organize courses for longer than 14 days. but do not forget to ask.

14) Is the school responsible for any items stolen or lost on their premises( money, pc etc) or at the bed and breakfast?

a) No, we will not accept any responsabilities about it as they would not  have in any hotel. Please do not forget to take a full travel insurance with you covering also for the health service especially if travelling from a non EU country

15) Are drinks and snacks always included in the school price? Drinks and snacks during our school trips will not be included in the school 's price so if you wish to have an aperitivo or gelato it is up to you to pay for it. We will include only a light restaurant meal in a 10 days course but any wine and beer will not be included in your restaurant meal


16) Could I get a refund once a course is started if I fall ill or have to leave the school for any reason before the end of the course? We regret there will be no refund once the course has begun as also stated on our application form. We can not make any exception.Students who wish to return and complete their course within 6 months will be allowed to do  so