A Testimonial from 2 senior students from the Usa
t   Your  teacher  is highly qualified and has also obtained a specific Master degree Itals (at Ca Foscari University - Venice- Italy) that is to say an MA in Teaching and promoting Italian language and culture to foreign students. Tuesday the 11th of October to the  19th of October inclusive ( 9 days)

Italian FAMILY Homestay courses at your teacher's house: info , courses,dates, events.
2017- 2018

Important: If you enrol on a 10 days course planned in 2018 by the 31st of October  2017 you will have a 5% discount


Italian Courses . Homestay Italian at your teacher's house. Full board Italian classes. Intensive courses  in Italian at any level all year around.                                        


Italian courses: dates, events and info-2017-2018

Our Calendar for this year  appears both on this page in the chart below and on a Pdf document.


Homestay teaching. Residential school. Italian language courses
We offer Italian courses on Homestay basis for a minimum of 5 days to a max of 14 days.


Levels and special events for each month will also appear in 2 different charts after the courses chart . We offer Italian courses at 6 different levels : Absolute beginners, Postbeginners, Low Intermediate- Intermediate- Upper Intermediate and Advanced and not just 3 as in most schools.


Learning Italian in our School/Villa makes a difference. Enjoy the freedom of a 5000sqm garden rather than being in an apartment  or in an hotel room on your own .Being with us means having the chance to practise your Italian as much as you like Practise the language with your teacher, her family and friends. Guided excursions ,  shopping together, visit to local markets, Italian cookery lessons will  also be part of your days spent with us and  all already included in the course's price.



Italian traditional cookery lessons are included in the price of all our Italian and specialised courses planned all year around.We also organise Gcse revision courses.

Italian Residential seniors courses (50+)Homestay are also available


Our recommended courses in England in summer and autumn in 2017


1) Friday the 10 of November from 10 to 430 pm Italian Advanced Conversation day or

2) Saturday the 11th of November from 10 to 4.30 pm. Italian Advanced Conversation


l---------------- and in Italy in autumn 2017 but do not forget to have a look at the chart below too for more courses avaiable in October, November etc or in 2018




October- November - December 2017


1) From Sunday the 29th of October to Sunday the 4th inclusive ( 7 days). Postbeginners-

2) Tuesday the 21st of November to Sunday the 27th of November inclusive- Low intermediate- Intermediate  ( 7 days)

3)Monday the 28th of November to Monday the 4th of December inclusive . Beginners ( 7 days)


Calendar 2018

February- March  2018 

1)Tuesday the 27th of February to Sunday the 4th of March  inclusive ( 6 days). Beginners

2)Wednesday the 21st of March to Wednesday the 28th of March ( 8 days). Intermediate


March- April

3)Thursday the 29th of March to Saturday the 7th of April inclusive. Spend Easter with us. Upper Intermediate   and Advanced Conversation

4) Monday the 9th of April to Wednesday the 18th of April inclusive( 10 days). Post beginners - Low intermediate

5) Monday the 23rd of April to Sunday the 29th of April inclusive( 7 days).Beginners


May - June

6)From the 2nd of May to Thursday the 10th of May inclusive ( 9 days). Advanced Conversation on Italian Cinema, culture and society

7)Monday the 14th of May to Wednesday the 23rd of May inclusive( 10 days). Low intermediate- Intermediate

8)Friday the 25th of May to Thursday the 31st of May inclusive ( 7 days).Intermediate

9)Wednesday the 20th of June to Friday the 29th of June( 10 days).Beginners- Postbeginners


10)Thursday the 5th of July to Wednesday the 11th of July( 7 days) Intermediate

11) Thursday the 12th of July to Wednesday the 18th of July( 7 days)Post beginners- Low intermediate


August- September 2018

12)Wednesday the29th of August to Friday the 7th of September inclusive ( 10 days). Advanced Conversation on Italian cinema- culture and society


September- October

13)Monday the 10th of September to Wednesday the 19th inclusive( 10 days). IntermediatenteIntrmediate

14)Friday the 21st of September to Thursday the 27th of September inclusive( 7 days). Beginners

14) Saturday the 29th of September to Monday the 8th of October inclusive. Intermediate- Upper intermediate

15) Wednesday the 17th of October to Friday the 26th of October inclusive( 10 days). Postbeginners- Low Intermediate


October - November

16)Sunday the 29th of October to  Saturday the 3rd of November( 6 days). Beginners

17) Tuesday the 20th of November to Monday the 26th of November ( 7 days). Intermediate

18)Tuesday the 27th of November to Sunday the 2nd of December (6 days) Italian Upper intermediate and Advanced Conversation

Monday the 27th of February - Sunday the 5th of March (7 days)

More courses in the chart below after our  info Scroll down please



less than a price of  a 3 star hotel( bed and breakfast only) in Rome per day you will have  an all inclusive package( except flights) with not hidden costs.A 10 days course for example will include

*Airport transfers from and to the school in Rome

*Accommodation in a spacious single room facing a wonderful garden . En suite rooms also available at the bed and breakfast

* 3 meals per day with drinks included

* 4  hours Italian tuition for 8 days with your highly qualified Professor with  an MA in Teaching and Promoting Italian language and culture to Foreign students( Ca Foscari University- Venezia- Italy)

*Guided excursions to Rome and surrounding areas in our 8 seats minibus.

* entrance to selected museums included

* English speaking hosts  perfectly bilingual

*Free wifi



Information on available courses
1 The following Italian Residential courses planned for 10 days can also be taken for 5,7, 12 or 14 days. During winter it is possible to attend a 4 day course Dates will be given on request.
2 Students arrival cannot be accepted on Sundays. For 10 days courses departure it is usually on the 11 th day
3 These courses, for a small group ( 1 to 6 students max) but more often attended by 4 max, include in their price: airport transfers from and to the airports of Rome or Termini Station, accommodation, 3 meals per day with drinks included, 4 hours Italian tuition daily , guided excursions to Roma and surrounding areas with entrance to museums and sites included, Italian cookery traditional lessons
4 Further dates are available on request
5 We would be happy to organize special courses for companies, airlines, Embassies, Ou students and also Italian Gcse revision courses,.



Flights are not included.

Drinks and snacks during our trips are not included


Course Schedule 2017 (download PDF)


Courses 2017
Monday the 23th of January to Wednesday the 1st of February (10 days)


Monday the 27th of February - Sunday the 5th of March (7 days)
Wednesday the 22nd of March to Friday the 31st of March (10 days)
Monday the 3rd of April to Wednesday the 12th of April (10 days)
Low intermediate - Intermediate  
Friday the 14th of April to Monday the 24th of April (11 days or 7 days course from Tuesday the 18th )
Upper intermediate - Advanced Spend Easter with us
Thursday the 27th of April to Saturday the 6th of May (10 days)
Italian cinema, culture and society course for advanced conversation  
Sunday the 7th of May to Thursday the 11th of May (5 days)
Italian for Holiday course A fun course as an excuse to live as an Italian for a few days
Monday 15th of May to Wednesday 24th of May (10 days)
Postbeginners - Low Intermediate  
Friday the 26th of May to Thursday the 1st of June (7 days)
Wednesday the 21st of June to Friday the 30th of June (10 days)
Monday the 3rd of July to Tuesday the 11th of July (9 days)
Postbeginners - Low intermediate  
Thursday the 13th of July to Wednesday the 19th of July (7 days)
Tuesday the 29th of August to Thursday the 7th of September  (10 days)
Upper intermediate Conversation  
Friday the 8th of September to Sunday the 17th of September (10 days)
Advanced conversation, Cinema, culture and society Different program from the April's course
Tuesday the 19th of September to Wednesday the 27th of September  (9 days)
Saturday the 30th of September to Monday the 9th of October  (10 days)
Intermediate - Upper intermediate Harvest of the grape



Sunday the 29th of October to Saturday the4th of November inclusive. 7 days course forPostbeginners and Low Intermediate

Tuesday the 21st of November to Monday the 27th of November (7 days)

Low Intermediate- Intermediate


Monday the 27th of November to Saturday the 2nd of December (6 days)
Monday the 11th of December to Sunday the 17th of December (7 days)
Postbeginners- Low Intermediate  




- Beginners -

No previous knowledge of Italian at all.

- Post beginners -

The students have already followed 6 months or 30 hours of a beginners class.

- Low-intermediate -

The students have followed one full year of a beginners class.

- Intermediate -

Students may have already completed 2 years.

- Upper-intermediate -

Students have already studied the language for 3 years and are able to use more complicated structures and a wider vocabulary.

- Advanced -

Students have already studied the language for 4 or 5 years and are fairy fluent and confident ( though not perfect!!!) in written and spoken language. Are able to follow most of a news broadcast for example and discuss everyday topics. Eg immigration, society etc.

Events 2017
We are including in this column a list of events in our area according to the month in which they take place. For example if you choose a course in February in this column you will find Carnevale.


Winter sales start on the 5th of January in Rome


Carnival Parade on Saturdays and Sundays for 2 o 3 weeks in Velletri ( Roma)
  Winter sales in shops


Camellia's flower Festival in Velletri ( third week in March)

April Spend Easter with us on Sunday the 16th of April
May First Saturday of May "La processione della Madonna dei ceri" a 333 years old religious  tradition in Velletri
  Traditional Fair/ market in Velletri. First Sunday in May
  Third week in May. The artichoke Festival in Velletri


Historic groups Festival at Genzano di Roma. A parade where the groups, wearing old costumes will dance and play music all around Genzano's town.

The Corpus Domini celebration, including the Flower Decking in Genzano di Roma will take place  in June


Enjoy a day  at the seaside with us
  Summer sales in shops


Enjoy a day at the seaside with us
  The religious Festival in Velletri " La Madonna della Carità  "


The harvest of the grape in our land. Experience how to make wine. Wine festival in Velletri and Frascati
  Il Palio delle Decarcie. A medieval Tradition in Velletri

November and December

Visit to a local olive mill. Harvest of the olives in our land

Enjoy your Christmas shopping in Rome with us and a visit to a Christmas market in Piazza Navona.